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Job Opening Information Substitute Food Service Helper(s)

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Position Title
Substitute Food Service Helper(s)
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School Related Personnel
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Job Description

This position involves assisting cooks in phases of food preparation involving lesser degrees of skill than those of Cook or Assistant Cook.  Assist in preparation of salads and desserts; cleans, washes and otherwise prepares vegetables & fruits for cooking; wash dishes; clean work areas & equipment; handles food and equipment in accordance with sanitary practices; may place food on trays according to menu and diet requirements; related work as required.                                                                

Civil Service Title
Food Service Helper
Job Qualifications

Ability to acquire knowledge of large-scale preparation, cooking and serving of food and the care of tableware, glassware, and kitchen appliances; ability to understand and carry out verbal and written directions; cleanliness and neatness; ability to relate well to others; courtesy; tact; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Job Category
Food Service
Job Location
To Be Determined

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