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Position TitleJob NumberJob DescriptionPay Scale
Substitute Food Service Helper(s)2020-21-031

This position involves assisting cooks in phases of food preparation involving lesser degrees of skill than those of Cook or Assistant Cook.  Assist in preparation of salads and desserts; cleans, washes and otherwise prepares vegetables & fruits for cooking; wash dishes; clean work areas & equipment; handles food and equipment in accordance with sanitary practices; may place food on trays according to menu and diet requirements; related work as required.                                                                

Substitute Monitor(s)2020-21-035

                This work involves responsibility for the routine supervision and care of school-age children as well as the maintenance of order and discipline in a school. Walking hallways and issuing passes are typical activities of the position. In schools comprised of special students, a School Monitor may have responsibility for maintaining order on school buses, supervising the conduct of problem students and interceding in student altercations. Work is performed under the direct supervision of a school principal or guidance counselor. The class School Monitor differs from that of Teacher Aide in that it does not involve duties of an instructional nature which require a specific knowledge, skill or ability                 

Substitute Teachers2020-21-038


QUALIFICATIONS:                       NYS Teacher Certification OR minimum of 60 college credits







Certified $100/day - Uncertified $84/day
Substitute Teacher Aide(s)2020-21-043

 This work involves responsibility for the performance of routine classroom duties and non-professional tasks to assist teachers in the classroom. Duties include performance of mechanical functions such as managing records and materials, attending to students’ physical needs, helping students with clothing, monitoring students, having students line up, distributing and collecting papers. Specific tasks will vary depending on the grade level to which an incumbent is assigned. Teacher Aide positions differ from the certificated position of Teaching Assistant in that incumbents in Teacher Aide positions shall not perform duties which are instructional or instructionally related, which include, but are not limited to reinforcement and remediation. An example includes, a Teacher Assistant may and a Teacher Aide may not work with individual students or small groups on instructional tasks to reinforce teacher assigned drills or practice activities. The position differs from School Monitor by the more varied and complex nature of its duties. The work is performed under the direct supervision of a teacher or the principal. Supervision of others is not a function of the position.

Substitute Teaching Assistant(s)2020-21-047

              Awareness of classroom instructional techniques; awareness of the development and use of instructional materials; good knowledge of specific field where specialization is involved; working knowledge of current instructional resources; ability to maintain discipline in a classroom situation; ability to read and interpret complex written material; ability to instruct children in a classroom setting; ability to speak clearly with good diction; ability to write legibly; dependability; good judgment; patience; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

This position will require the applicant to perform a combination of instructional and non-instructional duties.

Substitute Teachers2021-22-029

Substitute Teachers needed!

Applications accepted on an on-going basis!  Apply today!








Certified $100/day - Uncertified $88.50/day
2021-2022 Fall Coaching Positions2021-22-015.1

  LOCATION:                                 Pawling Central School District

POSTIONS: % of BA Step 1

Volleyball Varsity - $4,675.68

Volleyball Varsity - Assistant - $2,750.40

Volleyball Junior Varsity - $3,272.98


TITLES & RATES OF PAY:       In accordance with PCT contract and allocated funding per the 2021-22 SY budget; also dependent upon student turn out per sport/team.         



PCT Contract
2021-2022 Coaching Positions2021-22-062


LOCATION:                                 Pawling Central School District

TITLES & RATES OF PAY:       In accordance with PCT contract and allocated funding per the 2021-22 SY budget; also dependent upon student turn out per sport/team.         


Stipend Percentage

Stipend Amount

Boys Basketball Junior Varsity



Boys Basketball Modified Assistant



Girls Basketball JV Head



Girls Basketball JV Assistant



Girls Basketball Modified



Girls Basketball Modified Assistant



Girls Basketball Varsity



Indoor Track Varsity Assistant



Indoor Track Modified



Indoor Track Modified Assistant




                                                Diverse and bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply

PCT Contract

The Pawling Central School District is an equal opportunity school district/employer, which does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, or any other reason prohibited by state or federal law in the employment, working conditions and educational opportunities of applicants, employees and students.